Me, three years ago:

"Despite being largely platform agnostic in the past I know that I now couldn't move away from iOS and be completely happy with my experience. Although I would be able to adapt I have established such an effective workflow that I don't think I could replicate elsewhere."

Times change.

I've been on Android (this time around) for a couple of years and on to my second device. I had previously said I would be going back to iPhone but opted to stay with Android.

One of the reasons I was happy to stick with Android was that I'd arranged a highly individual homescreen using the Niagara launcher and couldn't see myself going back to the boring grid of iOS icons.

Fast forward to March of this year and I ditched Niagara after getting the Galaxy S20 Ultra, returning to the default launcher with - you guessed it - the boring grid of icons, albeit with more flexibility than on an iPhone, and a date & time widget.

But now that's all changing and Apple is releasing a version of iOS where the homescreen out Android's Android. I can't upgrade for quite a while, and things may change further in that time, but who knows which platform I'll be on in a couple of years.

What I do know, however, is that sweeping statements like the quote above are pointless. I adapt to what I have, change my workflows to suit the tools available. It's true, I can't replicate what I had on the iPhone but I dont need to.