There's not going to be a muse-letter tomorrow; I have some ideas about how I want to take it in a new direction so am holding off for this week.

The bi-weekly publishing schedule has never been set in stone, I fell into that but only ever wanted to send letters out when I had something to say.

I should (hopefully) have things ready to go again for next week.

# Comments

When not writing blog posts I've been using Simplenote as my basic day-to-day app for normal notes and lists, a decision that was made because it is cross platform. There is even a version for Wear OS although I've been having a problem with it not downloading.

Simplenote does pretty much what you would expect a notes app to do in this day and age, it even supports Markdown and posting to WordPress, but it sometimes feels a bit clunky and unfinished. For example, you can make a list of items with check boxes but there isn't an option for checked items to drop to the bottom of the list.

That may seem like a stupid complaint but I want to start using lists on ny watch when I go shopping and having checked items drop off is a handy feature on such a small screen.

Wear OS being a Google property I thought I would take a look at Keep Notes, I've not even given it a second thought recently as used to dislike it with a passion when it was first released. To my surprise and delight Keep has been given a major overhaul since those early days and is now a much better looking app with a lot cleaner interface. And yes, checked items drop to the bottom of a list even on the watch.

I think I'm sold.