I had a letter from the hospital to give to my doctor, an update on what happened during the week; normally I wouldn't think twice about jumping in the car and driving the few minutes there and back.

Under the current circumstances I decided to walk it, combining the delivery (for medical reasons) with my permitted exercise. What would have usually been a quick five minute trip became a refreshing, replenishing forty minute walk, an opportunity to breathe and contemplate. Much better!

# Comments

If there's one complaint I have about Android it's that the Material design language can be too imposing; developers are so tied in that it removes a lot of app individuality. Yes, it means apps are consistent and work in expected ways (and it probably makes them much easier to create) but I just wish more developers would step away from the standard design and do their own thing.

One app I've had my eye on for a while is the playfully titled PenCake, a writing app which eschews the run of the mill in favour of a stripped down, minimal experience. It's an app that wouldn't look out of place on an iPhone and it's obvious the dev has put some real thought into it.

It doesn't strictly support Markdown so I've never been able to consider it as my primary writing app, although there are hints at its inclusion via a couple of extended keyboard shortcuts that insert the photo syntax ![]() but it could go so much further, even if there was just an option to view rendered Markdown.

I've periodically installed and uninstalled the app, just to keep taking another look; today, however, I actually paid for the premium option - not because I'm going to use it full time but because I want to use it. I thought I'd support the developer in the hope that they take some of the comments onboard from other reviews and the mails I've sent today.

Individuality in apps is often what makes them a pleasure to use so I hope this one keeps progressing and becomes a viable option for my main writing app.