With all the changes I've made with regards to enabling the daily feed to be read in order I keep thinking about the Today page itself, more specifically what happens when there are no posts.

Currently the last three posts are listed in reverse chronological order, just as a normal blog would, but this doesn't really fit with the overall aesthetic. I feel I need to do something different with it to better match the usual daily view.

I just don't know what.

I don't want to just flip the order as the last three posts could be spaced out over a number of days; in that context reading "top down" may not make sense. Listing only the last post may, in turn, break a chain and equally not make sense.

# Comments

One thing I've been considering is to show all of "Yesterday" if there are no posts yet Today and removing the quick link in the footer. Still, what happens if there was nothing yesterday? I doesn't feel right iterating until I get to a day with posts.

I may do something completely different and just stick some about text in there, no posts at all - perhaps trying yesterday first.