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Bix points out that the criticisms quoted by Brent yesterday were actually about the decline of paid, professional blogging.

I reacted to Brent's reaction rather than checking the conversation first hand (there's a lesson here) but feel that position is still somewhat valid.

The rise of the large (social) platforms has, in part, destroyed the market for paid, professional blogging. It is so easy to publish now that almost anyone can do it, flooding the market with thoughts and hot takes on just about everything.

There are so many people willing to write for free.

As Job Gruber said on an episode of the Dialog podcast: "The value of writing has dropped so precipitously."


A Worthy Cause

My employer is very focused on giving back to the community but most of the initiatives don't really resonate with me. Maybe it's because getting involved is listed in our annual objectives rather than being voluntary.

The opportunity arose, however, to volunteer for this year's Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal and I jumped at the chance.


Ever since the kids were little we've always drummed into them the importance of respecting, remembering, and honouring the sacrifices of, our service personnel, no matter your personal views.

So, rather than just ticking a box to complete my objectives, I spent some time (along with a couple of hundred others) to sell some poppies and speak to a few of those making donations.

A very worthy cause.

A Worthy Cause