For some reason Time Machine won't back up to the native solution on the NAS. I'll have another look tonight but I could be back to setting it up manually.

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Seeing John Gruber's reaction to Jason Kottke's "fascinating interview" was a stark reminder about the dangers of confirmation bias.

We unconsciously approach situations with our preconceived notions and expectations, highlight the bits we need to back up our position and reject the rest.

We don't necessarily mean to, it's just the way the mind works and how we have ended up with such severe filter bubbles on the likes of Facebook.

Have I read that interview and had my reaction coloured by my current feelings about blogging and social? Has John had his response set by other factors that prompted him to quote the paragraphs he did?

Jason makes some valid points that I have chosen not to mention just as John chooses to highlight a specific section which doesn't reflect my concerns.

Who is right? Both of us? How is that possible?

What is right? Is there one "right" or is there only a "right for me" for each of us?

Right and true are formed by consensus - some will align with me, others with John, but when true consensus cannot be achieved we are left with opinion.

That's fine, we seek opinions to educate ourselves and to gain affirmation of our own, but when we blindly reject those that don't provide that affirmation we tread a slippery slope.

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When I returned to work on Monday I had over 11,200 unread emails waiting for me. Over the past four days I have whittled these down to those I absolutely need to process, moving them to a "triage" folder as I went.

That folder contains just 50 mails.