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I've said before about liking to get to know the person behind the words and not seeing someone as "social units" in a timeline - well, below is a perfect example.

As you know, I not only value Patrick Rhone's posts but also the advice he offers and his generosity as a person - in public and in private. But he is part of a team, a family, and the person behind the words goes much deeper than just his online appearance.

To that end I've also been subscribed to Bethany, his wife's blog, for a while. It is incredibly interesting in its own right, and I find myself getting lost in her tales, but also serves to act as background for Patrick, just as some of his posts act as background for her.

And I think that's wonderful, you get so much more than when you look at each of them in isolation. They become more real people, not just a series of posts. There is a depth that you wouldn't normally get, a sense of the lives people are living because you get more than one perspective.

I wish this happened more often.

Some might be uncomfortable with it, from both sides of the equation, but I think it's amazing. It's why I like to restrict the number of people I follow, so I can pay more attention to each person rather than get lost in a sea of updates. (And I still wish I was better at it.)

Thanks Patrick and Bethany.

People first

So, England are finally out of the World Cup.

Still, I've got Croatia in the sweepstake at work and am guaranteed a prize. Takes the edge off a bit.