Because yesterday was Mother's Day here in the UK (it's interesting how the date alters around the world) the weekend was largely spent doing things with the family. That meant it's been largely a tech free weekend.

And you know what? It's been great!

I flicked through a few items in my RSS feeds but nowhere near as much as usual - the bulk remained unread.

I had a brief look at the news headlines but actually found myself keeping more up to date via the radio.

And I didn't even consider posting, it just didn't enter my head to do so.

I think taking at least one day out at the weekends may have to become a regular thing.

# Comments

I hardly ever use my iPad and I'm not completely sure why. The convenience of the phone is certainly one factor but I also think the way I approach using the larger device is a big part of it.

I've always tried to use the iPad in the same way as the phone - and almost exclusively in landscape - but, quite obviously, it's a completely different form factor (despite sharing an OS and apps) so that was never going to work.

I'm determined to give it a proper go so ordered a cheap keyboard case (it's an Air 2 so it's Bluetooth rather than one using the smart connector) which will make me use it more like a laptop than a tablet.

I hoping this distinction will help separate the two devices in my mind so that each performs to its strengths.