Sonant Thoughts – Episode 41: What’s In It For Me?Comments

My attitude to beta testing has changed over the years and I think that now makes me a better tester.

The expectations and motivations for testing are a major factor and we just have to be grown up about it.


Trials, testing and premium apps

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Sonant Thoughts

Sonant Thoughts – Episode 41: What’s In It For Me?

Apologies if you couldn't play today's episode of Sonant Thoughts. A rogue apostrophe found its way into the link to the audio file.

This has been corrected so it will play via the blog. iTunes has been scheduled for a refresh so that should be working soon.

I'll have to check the regex statement in my workflow so it doesn't happen again.

Thanks to Ron for pointing out the problem. 🙌


The workflow has been updated and the problem should now be resolved for future episodes.

Sorry again 😢


The microcast has now also updated on iTunes.