# I decided to give myself some breathing room all the while I'm not overly comfortable with pen and paper. I won't be using it, at least for now, as a primary creative space bit as a practice medium.

I think I will feel a lot happier about writing by hand once I get back into the swing of it and my handwriting improves.

A lot!

So I want to spend some time, hopefully every day, just writing - not with the aim of producing anything specific but to get used to having a pen in my hand again and reacquainting myself with the feel of it on the paper.

I want to recover the dexterity required to adequately present something that I have taken the time and effort to write by hand. Something I used to take for granted.

I want to slow down and regain the patience needed to do so, and not expecting or forcing any actual output feels like the right way to go.

  1. kirbyt says: #
    I’m interested in hearing how pen and paper workout for you. I’m trying to write by hand more too. I now carry a Fisher space pen and Field Guide in my pocket, but I haven’t broken the habit of using my iPhone to jot down my thoughts and notes.
  2. Colin Walker says: #
    😆 Like you, I’ve consistently reached for my phone but I’ve always been impatient. I think a lot of it is down to handwriting so I'm just allowing myself to practice rather than create. Just stream of consciousness stuff until I'm happy with where I'm at.
  3. kirbyt says: #
    Good idea. I decided to give your practice suggestion a try by writing a page in my Field Note yesterday. Now to see if I can turn it into a daily habit.
  4. Colin Devroe says: #
    I wasn't sure on which post I should write this comment... but I was wondering if you had seen Alton Brown's Twitter.... https://twitter.com/altonbrown/ He used a pen to tweet. Maybe you could write your posts and just share a picture of them? I think that'd be super neat.

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