# I'm re-pairing the Apple Watch just so I can test out auto-unlocking on the MacBook. Is that a good enough reason?

  1. desparoz says: #
    Its pretty cool. Works about 95% of the time, so occasionally you need to punch in the password. Not dissimilar to Touch ID on iPhone/iPad where you need to punch in the code every now and then.
  2. Colin Walker says: #
    Just tested a few times and worked okay. Not sure exactly what I was expecting but it feels slower than it should.
  3. desparoz says: #
    obviously Touch ID will be the fastest approach. I do like the interconnectedness of the devices.
  4. Colin Walker says: #
    Mid 2015 so that's no an option 😜 but, yeah, the power of ecosystem is extremely attractive. I've not used Handover yet either.
  5. desparoz says: #
    I don't have a Touch ID MacBook, either. Not sure I ever will—my world is moving steadily towards big screen desktop at home with iPad(s) Pro out and about.
  6. eli says: #
    I've used handover once. It was magical...I've never used in since because I leave Bluetooth off on all my devices 😝