# It's interesting thinking back to earlier in the year and seeing how my position on microblogging has changed over time.

Initially I was adamant that the short form posts should be kept separate from the "normal" blog and went to great lengths to facilitate this.

The microblog category was excluded from the main view and feed, while I created a custom RSS template without the item title tag specifically for short posts.

Within just a few weeks, however, I had decided to show microblog posts in the main view but kept the feeds separate. I was still unsure about doing this as I was worried that longer posts could get lost amongst the shorter ones.

I resisted combining the feeds due to concerns that it might dilute the experience of those who had previously subscribed to read my longer pieces.

After I implemented the 'Today' view for the blog homepage I started having serious reservations about keeping the different post types separate but still worried about flooding the main feed.

It wasn't until around six months after I initially prepped the site for microblogging that I finally decided to combine everything. A conversation about what was visible and where made me realise the futility in separating the post types especially when they were so interrelated.

From that point on my mind was made up and it didn't take long for me to stop using the microblog category altogether. Everything was just "the blog" with no distinction made; it made a lot of sense considering how the way I wrote had morphed into this new hybrid system.

I had gone full circle.

Looking back, I wonder if I was ridiculously over-thinking the whole thing or whether it was something I genuinely needed to work through.

  1. svens says: #
    Actually having thought about that myself and currently excluded microblog posts from the front page. In the RSS everything is in the feed. For this is just a cosmetic choice l, since the microblog posts potentially flush longer stuff away from the front page.