# My wife asked if I was used to the Mac yet and whether it was better than a Windows laptop.

It's a mixed bag.

One thing I'm trying not to do is to view things through shiny-new-toy, rose tinted spectacles.

It feels more natural working with the trackpad and keyboard shortcuts on a Mac, maybe it's just because I am coming to it fresh and deliberately trying to learn my way around as opposed to being a Windows mouse junkie stuck with old habits.

As I said before, there is no contest on the hardware front, at least not with any of the Windows laptops I've ever used. Software, however, is a far more even proposition.

Using OSX can be more intuitive at times but it is visually inconsistent. It may have been through various aesthetic revisions but it can feel old. I think Microsoft has done a better job of enforcing a standard look for applications on the desktop and the Windows design language is now generally more modern.

I find this quite surprising coming from the company that gave us iOS with its strict UI guidelines and conventions, and would expect more of this approach to have transferred to the desktop OS.