# I've published a first pass at the /required page.

I deliberately tried to condense my thoughts on this and restricted myself to ten links. Rather than just present a list I have tried to tell a story using the links as reference points.

I'm not sure if that's the best way to do it but, in the context of a blog, it felt natural to present it that manner.

  1. Ron says: #
    Your implementation looks very nice. I think Dave's term of required reading needs to be replaced, as it is usually used for a course & has an unpleasant connotation of "must do," the wrong tone for reading blogs. A better tone would be "curious about." So if I built one, I'd call it something like "How I Got Here."
  2. desparoz says: #
    I kind of get what @colinwalker (and Dave W) are getting at when they mean Required Reading. Its more active than passive, more of a call to action that draws a line in the sand about the philosophy of the authors blog. Curious about is good, but perhaps too passive.
  3. Colin Walker says: #
    I wrestled with that a little bit myself but realised that only a small % of visitors are going to be that curious or interested anyway so, for them, it is required reading. Plus it’s snappy and easy to understand.
  4. Colin Devroe says: #
    I think it does a good job to show those stumbling upon your blog where you stand on blogging and content ownership moreso than what your blog is about. But I do like it.
    1. Colin Walker says: #
      I see what you’re saying Colin. Like you I wrote about different things at different times so it’s really about blogging and, more specifically, me blogging. Still, it’s a first draft and subject to revision. Thanks for the thoughts :)
  5. Ron says: #
    Maybe 2 different audiences. I invite readers to get interested in what I have to say. If I was writing to instruct someone on how to do something, I'd lay out the necessary steps & what they must read. Otherwise, I never insist my readers do anything in particular.
  6. Ron says: #
    I read your piece and all those it links to. They all worked together well and accomplished your purpose, as described in your last line. I would describe as "what am I doing & how did I get here?" Very well crafted, whatever it is called.

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