# I caught the last half hour of Bladerunner on TV last night. It's one of those films that, no matter how far through, if I see it I have to watch. It's still probably my favourite film of all time because of what it invokes in me, there's just a rawness to it that speaks to the soul.

It came to Roy Batty's final moments, with Rutger Hauer's immortal ad lib, and I was horrified to discover they were showing the version with Deckard's awful voiceovers.

It's not just that they're terrible (they truly are) or that no self respecting film noir detective mystery would be associated with anything so clichéd - and that's saying a lot. What really grates is the contrast, the way the voiceover completely ruins Batty's final words and the simultaneous sorrow and beauty they convey.

I hadn't seen this version in such a long time that I'd forgotten just how much the voiceover ruins it.

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