# The "Run Workflow" share extension still doesn't work from Safari in iOS 11 Beta 3 but it's good to see you can swipe to force-close apps from the multi-tasking/Control Center screen again. The 'press and hold' option before was such a bad design choice.

  1. eli says: #
    I think Apple is trying to slowly break people of the habit of force quitting apps since it doesn't do all that much, save in very limited scenarios (e.g. If an app gets stuck and needs to be quit).
  2. Colin Walker says: #
    There are some advantages such as flushing caches but I tend to do it to tidy up my multi-tasking screen - flicking through 20+ apps can be annoying 😆
  3. eli says: #
    ah. That makes sense. I never use the app switcher so hadn't considered that scenario. I should double down on my iOS usage to learn those nooks and crannies.