# I use music to help me focus, help me relax, and to help me sleep. As I wrote almost three years ago, I switched from choosing a different piece of #sleepmusic every night to almost always using the same one (it became a choice from two or three) to remove that decision and ensure that music became firmly associated with sleep.

It's been this way ever since until I recently discovered the album Nebulous Sequences by Hakobune, multilayered soundscapes that firmly wedge themselves in the gap between white noise and beautiful, minimal chord sequences.

Nebulous Sequences by Hakobune

It is blissful ambient that is perfectly suited to being sleep music but, having made that change, I was nervous about introducing something new into the routine, risk having something different capture the attention and distract me whilst trying to sleep. It seems silly when I think about it.

Fortunately, I needn't have worried and this album has actually become my staple selection used every night for the past few weeks to lull me to the land of nod.

Highly recommended if you're into that sort of thing.

    1. Colin Walker says: #
      Will be interested to hear what you think. He's got a load of stuff on Spotify, I don't know about Apple Music, but has quite a prolific catalogue.

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