# Wow!

I took my phone off charge at 8:30am and have been using it all day. It's now around 1am - sixteen and a half hours later - and I still have 56% battery.

Okay, so I haven't been streaming video or recording 4K, but that's pretty impressive.

  1. Zak says: #
    I had a similar experience today. 100% off the charger at 8a. By 430p, it was only at 72%. It’s 720p now and I’m at 62% with moderate use throughout the day.
  2. hutaffe says: #
    I have „only“ the 8 Plus and I can easily go 2 days with normal usage. Compared to the 2 hours of my old 6 I‘m pretty amazed 😊
  3. Colin Walker says: #
    I’m not sure how much is the battery in the old device degrading and how much is the new hardware but the difference is remarkable.