# Eli asked if there were particular tools I wanted to build or ideas I had in mind but that wasn't really the point of my post.

It was more a statement of intent, almost a manifesto.

I'm by no means a developer so I'm not the right person to actually create things. Still, that doesn't mean that I or other non-developers can't have an input.

Rather than focus on what we can't do we should concentrate on that we can do and how to best use our individual strengths and abilities to move forward collectively.

Whatever the cause or task there are always the thinkers, the doers, the enablers, the connectors, the testers.

The list goes on.

Instead of trying to be what we are not (and getting frustrated by that) we should embrace the ways we can contribute even we don't feel they are as valid or vital.

We all have our part to play.

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