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As mentioned earlier, I use Workflow for posting #indieweb likes and replies. This is in conjunction with the Likes and Replies WordPress plugin I have been blogging about over the past weeks.

There are two separate Workflows which are actually pretty simple - one for each action.


The like flow is intended to be triggered from Safari so is set up an Action Extension. When I'm on a page I want to like I go to Share > Run Workflow and select the 'Post a Like' flow. This takes the URL as the input, asks me to comment then simply posts to WordPress with the URL passed as a custom field.

The plugin then takes over and uses the custom field to add a properly formatted link to the start of the post.

For my own benefit, the flow also gets the page name and displays it just so I can check what is going to show in the post, but that's not essential and doesn't affect the actual process.


The Reply flow is also an Action Extension but acts a little differently.

It accepts text as the main input so I write the reply in Drafts, share it using the flow which then prompts me for the URL I am replying to and passes it as a custom field.

Again, the plugin takes over and adds the reply link to the start of the post content.

And that's how this post was published.