# I really should log out of Amazon before searching; the incessant bombardment of emails asking if I'm looking for something is infuriating.

  1. Colin Walker says: #
    It’s not even about privacy, it’s that they keep sending you them whether you buy something or not - repeatedly.
  2. renem says: #
    I got them too a while ago, but if you click the tiny little link at the bottom to unsubscribe, or not interested, it works well. It’s months ago since I received these type of mails from amazon.
  3. stefp says: #
    Do you need all of those emails turned on? I only get order/despatched/free Kindle book messages.
  4. Colin Walker says: #
    I use it so infrequently that I’ve never really checked the settings. Sounds like I should make the effort.
  5. desparoz says: #
    Isn’t that the truth! Their information on what people buy, or considering buying, is truly scary.
  6. stefp says: #
    It really is worth going to your account page and unchecking everything you don’t want.