# I'm amazed by how quickly the iPhone X has come to feel so natural, almost as though I've been using this navigation paradigm for ages.

Part of this is the obvious familiarity with the interface - iOS11 on the 6S Plus is largely the same as iOS 11 on the X - but I think this may be a double-edged sword.

On the one hand, it's great that you can move from device to device with minimal disruption and carry on as normal, it just gets out of the way.

But, on the other, the speed with which you can get past the "shiny new toy" feeling can be a little disappointing. It's almost a case of "so, what now?"

I haven't had the chance to put the new cameras through their paces, so I know I'm going to enjoy that, but it's at times like this I wonder if I should deliberately try some new apps, mix things up a bit, to mentally associate that change with the change in device - almost to make it seem worth it.