# After commenting on the chilly start yesterday it turned into a beautiful day. Today has started out better but the forecast warns of very wet weather to come. No matter, we shall still make the most of it.

You're searching for the perfect job, but is it the best fit for you?

That's the prompt at one of the job sites I check on a daily basis; it's quite fitting when talking about making the most of things - something I've most definitely not done throughout my work life.

I've never had a career plan and usually fallen into things by chance - or necessity - not an ideal situation when looking to find something new. A recent email exchange mentioned the difference between being a specialist versus a generalist but I dont really have a specialism and think generalists are under threat as we move ever more towards a world where if you don't have a specific skill or niche you will become unemployable.

My perfect fit? Probably getting paid to write here on the blog (and/or muse-letter) but that relies on you having something to say that people are willing to pay for. I don't see myself as having that.

I dont know if it's just the way my brain works but I find it difficult to look at what I do and consider I have transferrable skills; I certainly don't consider those I do have as sufficient to carry me into a different role. Maybe it's just the way my brain works (or doesn't) but I have never been able to sell myself or create a convincing narrative.

This is probably the kind of thing I should be exploring in morning pages rather than in public view yet I have felt the need for a 'warts and all' approch for a number of years to help hold myself accountable. It is also much harder to escape negative thought loops on your own, the occasional nudge from outside is usually required to make you realise you're stuck.

There's something about seeing the words online that makes them real, perhaps more so than handwritten in a journal - that they are visible to others, should they wish to view them.

As much as the "write for self" mantra is rolled out and "not needing validation from others" is extolled having those 'others' read and occasionally offer a few words in response is what makes this all worthwhile.

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