# Over the past few days I've been getting spam bombed by a host of addresses ending .cyou - the same few emails but always from different variations of address. Obviously a spam farm. I gave in last night and created an email filter to auto-reject anything with .cyou in the header.

I can't imagine too many false positives.

I'd not come across the .cyou TLD before so thought I'd do a search, I found that ShortDot operate it and describe it thus:

The .cyou domain is crafted specifically for today’s generation of movers and shakers who have never lived in a world without social media or the internet...

The .cyou domain is for the group of technologically advanced, eco-conscious, open-minded individuals of today. It’s for Gen Z and for those who thrive on memes and speak fluent emoji.

And email spammers apparently.

  1. Alan Ralph says: #
    I'd add 'people with more money than sense' to that list. You just know those domain names aren't going to cost pennies.

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