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"We could be excused for thinking that is like — a Twitter alternative greeted with enthusiasm but that eventually closed... is not an alternative silo: instead, it’s what you build when you believe that the web itself is the great social network."

Brent makes some excellent points in this post but, as I've said on numerous occasions, wasn't really

"Most people, even many that used it, viewed the example application, Alpha, as despite founder Dalton Caldwell emphasising it was just a proof of concept. The name Alpha was almost never used."

Just as "has learned the lesson that people really like a timeline of short posts" so chose a Twitter clone to illustrate how its "backbone for the social web" would work.

The idea behind was good, where multiple sites and services could all interact via common APIs and feeds (the web as the social network) but became a silo due to the choices made even though this was never the intention.

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